Become the New Primadonna, This is the Best Build of Kazuha Genshin Impact!

Currently, Kazuha is one of the Genshin Impact characters that grabs the attention of many players. His appearance and strength are quite balanced for a Support character. Even so, though, Kazuha genshin can also act as a DPS but with a special build of course.

Kazuha himself is a new character of Genshin Impact who has Anemo elements, and uses a sword weapon. With the skills he has, you can use Kazuha as support and sub DPS. Because of the power of his skills, especially his Elemental Burst, which can do continuous damage.

Build Kazuha Genshin Impact

In order to make Kazuha appear as a Support and DPS character, you need to make adjustments to several things, one of which is weapons and also Artifacts. For that, we will try to describe some tips for building Kazuha.

Weapon Recommendations
Freedom Sworn B5 (Elemental Mastery)
Jade Cutter B5 (CRIT Rate)
Iron String B4 (Elemental Mastery)
Alley Flash B4 (Elemental Mastery)
Basically, Kazuha has a high Elemental Mastery, therefore the Freedom Sworn is very suitable to be the first choice. In addition, Iron String and Alley Flash weapons can also be an option because they have the same stats as Freedom Dworn, only differ in the stars.

For others, there is Jade Cutter which is also equally good because as a Sub DPS Kazuha just needs Critical, so the critical rate helps him to do more damage to his team.

Artifact Recommended
Viridescent Veneers (4 Sets)

2 Sets: Anemo DMG +15%

4 Sets: Increases Swirl DMG by 60%. Reduces Elemental RES against Swirld by 40% for 10 seconds.

For Artifacts it is highly recommended that it is best to use a set of 4 Viridescent Veneers. Using this set will greatly affect the strength of Kazuha to give Anemo DMG and Swirl. What we know is that it is the main weapon of this character.

For sub stats recommendations for Kazuha artifacts, the following is the list:

Sands: Elemental Mastery
Goblets: Anemo DMG
Circlets: CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG

Build Kazuha DPS
Currently you can use Kazuha as a DPS, to make it a DPS Kazuha needs a slightly different build. You can use weapons like The Black Sword or Harbinger of Dawn. These two weapons are good enough to cover the lack of CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG from Kazuha.

Meanwhile, the artifacts that you can use are 2 sets of Viridescent Venerers and also 2 sets of Gladiator Finales. These two artifacts will greatly help Kazuha in killing her enemies.

Build Kazuha Support
Basically, Kazuha is a Support character that has been designed by miHoYo. Thanks to his Anemo element, he acts like Sucrose and Venti. However, Venti and Sucrose are crowd control characters and this is what sets them apart from Kazuha. For that, Kazuha’s build is also quite interesting.

Broadly speaking, Kazuha can only use 1 set of PC Artifacts if he acts as Support. The set is the Viridescent Venerer, one of the most important artifacts for the Anemo character. Two sets of these artifacts will increase 15% Anemo DMG Bonus.

Meanwhile, these four sets of artifacts have the effect of reducing Elemental Resistance by 40% depending on the element that is Swirl. For weapons, you can use Iron String and Freedom-Sworn.

Kazuha’s Strengths And Weaknesses

Kazuha is one of the best characters for a support role in Genshin Impact to date with many strengths:

He grants a high Elemental Mastery buff to support the team with his elemental skills.
His passive skills and talents make him a great character to use.
Kazuha can play as Sub DPS with her powerful passive Swirl DMG.
He will play like a “battery” for Energy Recharge.
Apart from that, Kazuha also had some weaknesses. You have to be aware of this weak point in order to minimize it and make Kazuha stronger.

To create Swirl Reactions of Kazuha, players must combine many Elements.
His elemental explosions are not as good as Venti’s explosions.
In addition, Kazuha also had ideal stats with balanced HP, Attack, and Defense stats. His Elemental Mastery stats will increase as you upgrade this character.